10 Apps That Actually Work For Me

We’ve seen a ton of articles about “Apps You Should Use”, “Apps For Productivity”, “10 Best Apps For XYZ”, etc. Most of these are written by experts or app reviewers. So in addition to expert opinions, I thought I’d add my two cents into the mix. Here’s the list of what I use all the time–most of which are free!

Barbara’s List of Apps She Deems Great

My actual iPhone.

Evernote. I swear by this one. Accessible via my smartphone, web and laptop, Evernote is always there to catch any great idea that might fly out of my head. There is a premium version (if you want better search and offline access), but I do just fine with the free version.

Trello. The next step from Evernote. Once I’ve got a project going, Trello keeps it organized. See this pic from my Ask for Anything Masterclass development and launch.


Starbucks. I’ve used this one for years (yes, YEARS). I uploaded my Starbucks card, and set it up to autoload when the balance goes below a certain amount. I never have to worry about having cash with me when I’m working in one of my favorite remote office spaces. Plus it means always have lunch money with me.

Buddhify. OK, this one is US$4.99 (one time only), but well worth it. Over 80 different guided meditation tracks, grouped by what you are doing right now. They have tracks for everything from “Waiting Around” to “Work Break” to “Being Online”, including “Waking Up” and “Going to Sleep”. I use it during all the normal times (waking, sleeping, need to focus, etc.). One of my fave uses is when I’m traveling. I hate traveling, and Buddhify has made it much less stressful.

Apple Wallet. I am on an iPhone, and this is one of my go-to’s. It comes standard in iOS and holds the cards I use for ApplePay, my Starbucks card, my Sephora VIB Rouge card, affinity club cards, boarding passes when I travel—even movie tickets when I can get them online. Why is my purse still so heavy????

Open Table. If I’m in a new town never worry about where I’m going to eat. I pop into Open Table, check out the reviews and book it. Easy peasy. I’ve even been known to use it before I get in my car at home if I’m feeling peckish and don’t want to wait.

Travel apps. I currently have four different airline apps, four hotel booking apps, and four ridesharing apps on my phone. All make it so much easier to get around and find a place to stay. Airline apps will even let you change your seat. A few hotel apps will let you check in/out. Some are better than others, so be prepared for inconsistencies and having to learn each app’s quirks. Still better than sitting on hold or waiting in line for a cranky human.

Keynote, Numbers and Pages. These apps are also part of Apple’s iOS 8. They are smartphone versions of presentation, spreadsheet and word processing programs. Yet another tool for capturing my ideas on the go. You can save to the cloud and open on your laptop or tablet when you need to spruce up and use more features.

Hootsuite and Instagram. I am often on social media. These two make it easy to share the love. Hootsuite can post to all of your social media outlets at once, and allows you to schedule a post to hit in the future. I take most of my iPhone photos through Instagram, which allows me to also post to Facebook and Twitter at the same time.

Kindle. I buy most of my books in Kindle form now. Having the app on my phone makes it easy for me to catch up on reading wherever I am. Particularly useful when waiting…and waiting.

So for all of US$4.99 you can give yourself the gift of peace of mind and productivity on the go. Do you have other faves that are not on this list? Let me know about them in the comments, below.

P.S.  None of these are affiliate links; I’m not promoting because I get any $$ out of it. I just think these are great!


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