Why Buy An E-Course?

You all know (at least I hope you know) that I’ve recently launched Ask for Anything: a 10-step online masterclass empowering women entrepreneurs to fearlessly ask for what they need.

I’ve spent years working on the content for this e-course. It’s based on work I’ve done with clients, conversations with colleagues, and scientific research. I agonized over the syllabus, the website layout, what I’d wear in the videos, and the graphic design. The beta test surfaced a couple of glitches, which I fixed ASAP. Response to the course has been positive.

Since the launch, you could say I have e-courses on the brain. I notice all the other courses out there and how they are promoted. I see lots of course designers/instructors talking about how great their course is. And I’m wondering what really makes someone purchase an e-course.

So I did some informal polling. One simple question: What are your most important considerations when buying an e-course? 50% of the respondents said “Price”—far and away the most popular option. 21% chose “Workbooks and Reading Materials, 14% chose “Lifetime Access to Course Materials and Updates. “A Combination of Email, Video, and Audio Delivery” and “Instructor Reputation” each got 7% of the votes.

No one chose “Colleague Referral”, “Number of Modules”, or “Length of Time to Complete the Course”. Single delivery types (email only, video only, audio only) also failed to register.

Frankly, I was surprised. There’s lots of resources that claim to tell you how to create a successful e-course. Nowhere in any of them is price mentioned as a main driving factor. It’s all about content, and helping instructors position themselves as experts.

You may also know that the Ask for Anything Early Bird pricing period ended on April 30, and pricing went from $69 to $97 on May 1. Based on the results of my research, I’ve decided to keep offering AFA at the Early Bird price of $69 until enrollment closes on May 15.

Thanks to those of you who participated in the poll. If you’d like to add your input, here’s a link to the question. Is there anything else you consider when signing up for an e-course? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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